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Useful tools

Find the Best HSA for You – HSA Search

HSA Search is a website that compiles a wealth of information on HSA custodians and their individual offerings and allows you to compare them side by side. If you want to search for a new HSA or want to switch to an HSA account with the best features for you, this free site will be very helpful. Clicking the link below will open a new window at HSA Search.

Link to HSA Search

HSA Eligible Medical Expenses

The best list we know of for HSA eligible expenses. You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) funds on this site! HSA Store was founded to make using your FSA/HSA easy when you shop for exclusively FSA/HSA eligible products. There is no guesswork about what is reimbursable because everything on the site is eligible.

Go to the HSA Store’s HSA eligible list now!

IRS/Treasury Links Or by fake rolex air king

Go directly to the source! A curated list of all relevant IRS and Treasury publications and notices regarding HSAs since their inception in 2003.

Link to IRS/Treasury Resources

In the News

A list of recent articles of interest regarding HSAs and Consumer-Directed Healthcare. Stay up to date on the latest articles of interest.

Link to In The News